Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chicago Bears: Post Draft, Pre Season

Feel free to call me names, but I cry every year during the NFL Draft. The idea that we get to watch kids (A. I’m old, B. College aged is a kid!) lives change in front of our eyes, and for the most part, the lives of their families as well, just gets to me. Then there are the kids that against all odds and everything seemingly stacked against them get to live their dream? Tears.

The Chicago Bears seasons lately have also been reason enough to cry, but can the new draft picks change that? After hours and hours poring over whatever tape I could find, and reading up on our picks for all hours of the night, I’m ready to share my thoughts on our picks.

WR Kevin White: While we watched Ryan Pace pick some players to develop, I believe (you heard it here first) White will be a starter this season. Can he fill Brandon Marshall’s shoes? As a huge Marshall fan, I’d love to say no one can, but White seems like he can come close. He’s got the size and speed for the position. If he can work on his consistency of play, which I believe is possible through more time on field, he has the potential to become the Bears #1 receiver. He’s a riot to watch in interviews, his character and enthusiasm just shine through.

DT Eddie Goldman: We could use Goldman in the middle at nose tackle. While we’ve already got Ego Feruson and Jeremiah Ratliffe (who Goldman has mentioned is his favorite player), those two may see some competition with the addition of Goldman. He’s a strong, fast and consistent player. Even better? He’s got his idol to learn from. If the Bears keep him at DT, I think we could see him take the field this season.

C Hroniss Grasu: Without a doubt the Bears needed a Center, but I was surprised we took one in just the third round. (If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I would have been infinitely happier to watch us draft a new QB). On the upside, Grasu has experience playing with Kyle Long, and is a capable replacement for Roberto Garza.

RB Jeremy Langford: The addition of Langford gives Chicago a pretty hearty running back group. Well stacked. He won’t give Matt Forte any worries of losing the starting position, but Langford could see field time perhaps late in games to give Forte some relief. Langford has a lot of experience, he’s rushed, he’s carried and he’s scored touchdowns. Possessing the ability to be a versatile player will help the Bears.

FS Adrian Amos: Amos has played both corner and safety, and that should help him in the future, but I don’t predict Amos seeing the field much this season. While he is big (which is needed at this position) and fast, I think Pace took him as a developmental player.

OT Tayo Fabuluje: This guys is MASSIVE. He’s huge. He’s strong, but I’ll be watching to see if the Bears make him drop weight, or if he really can be as quick on his feet as he will need to be, at his current size. If I had to guess, I’d say we will see him on the field this season, after watching our O-line lost plenty of players to injury.

This was Ryan Pace’s first draft with the Bears, and perhaps it was lucky for him that there were so many holes to fill. All in all, I’m pretty happy with who he chose – are you? Tweet me @lucyrk78 and let me know your thoughts!


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